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Chill Solution

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     Pitchers are a very popular purchase for customers as they get more value for draft beer. Pitcher Chiller provides an ice chamber at the table or service area for tea, water, etc. Either an ice bag or ice pack is used to chill the outside of the pitcher and a lid protects the beverage from dust and debris.

Beer towers were an attempt to keep beer colder for longer at the table, let's compare them to our Pitcher Chiller

 Beer Towers                                                            Pitcher Chiller
*Chills beer from the center                                                                   * Chills beer from the outside (heat source)

* Nozzles break off easily                                                                      * Fill with ice every 4-6 hours

                                                                                                                * Protects pitcher from trash and debris

                                                                                                                * In 1.5 hours only lost 8 degrees in