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Chill Solution

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    The beverage bucket has been redesigned to save money on ice consumption and keep beer colder for the 5 or 6 count buckets, which are popular with many customers.

     Buckets are contaminated by dust, trash and upturned beer bottles causing inability for reuse. On average $20-$50 of ice cost per day equals $7,000-$18,000 per year of 100% profit literally going down the drain. However, when using the BucketChiller you will have approximately $2,000-$10,000 profit return by allowing you to reuse ice by keeping the bottles and ice separate using sleeves. These individual sleeves are submerged in the bucket keeping the bottles and cans cold and are easily removed and cleaned. This enables the server to replace only the bottles which makes for quicker service. 

      BucketChiller is a double lined design which prevents condensation. This makes for dry tables, shirt sleeves, phones and other accessories.  

         Customers who have purchased our bucket have commented on other uses such as, BBQ’s, novelty gifts, tailgating, golfing etc.

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