BucketChiller Benefits & Cost Savings


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Chill Solution

Most establishments are offered metal buckets for free from sales reps

but they will cost more in the long run with ice usage. Below is a comparison:



                  Metal Buckets                                BucketChiller

   * Constantly need refilling: costs $                               * Fill with ice and water once every 4-6 hours


  * Condensate on the tables                                   * Do not condensate on the tables


  * Dirt and debris, even cigarettes                        * Inserts keep the ice clean and re-usable    

     contaminate the ice 


  * Longneck of bottles get hot                                 * The entire beer is cold due to being

                                                                              submerged in icy water


  * Beverages come out wet and drip on surfaces   * Up-sell to a bucket by displaying on tables


                                                                                   * Quicker service, fewer refills!


                                                                                   * Return on Investment